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Recover in the Comfort of Your Own Home with Post-Operative Care

It is essential that post-operative care is received following a surgical procedure. Once discharged from the hospital, the risk for falls and mismanaged medication, as well as pain management needs, can significantly increase.

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Planning Your Return Home After Surgery

After-surgery caregivers know the right questions to ask the discharge planner, nurse, or surgical coordinator, creating a personalized plan of care that meets any situation. We specially train every member of our post-op care team with the process that occurs when patients are discharged. We are here through every step of that process.

Why Choose us?

Accredited Healthcare staff are ready to help support recovery comfortably at home with personalized services designed to meet individual post-surgery care needs. Caregivers are accessible 24/7, have passed background checks, and are known for being compassionate and professional.

The first few days after surgery can be the most challenging, since there may still be pain, impact from medications, limited ability to walk far, or a need for extra support. We’ll support a person’s recovery through expert care while ensuring that safety and daily tasks are never ignored.

Post-op caregivers can assist with care needs such as:

  • Transportation to and from post-operative follow-up appointments
  • Prescription pickup, grocery shopping, and other errands
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Authorized communication with healthcare providers and loved ones

While everyone wishes to be at home to help their loved one recover, this isn’t always possible. Having children, work, and other unavoidable obligations can make caring for someone after surgery difficult. Our mission is to give you the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

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